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Election-Australia Votes May 21 2022

These are the interview notes prepared for the general public on I Heart Radio - triple M - Limestone Coast, by Helen Hartley. The interview aired on 29/04/2022 The Election Battle – when two parties go to war! There are a few ways an astrologer…
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Saturn Retrograde.

Saturn retrograded over the weekend. Perhaps you are feeling like you need to go over your responsibilities and where your responsibilities lie. It is time to review, reflect and reconsider all things Saturn-related. Saturn represents discipline…
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FAASA 50 Years Young

FAASA 50 Years Young this Year Well, it’s our 50th birthday this year, so of course, we had the gold balloons for our AGM!  It was a standard AGM, with President’s and Treasurer’s reports and committee elections.  We now have a full…
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Horary Astrology Introduction

 Horary Astrology Introduction If you have studied Astrology seriously or just dipped your toe in the subject, especially those of you who started in the sixties, seventies and eighties, you may not be aware that you have become familiar with…
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Understanding Mercury Retrograde

Understanding Mercury Retrograde Mercury rules communications which typically goes haywire during retrograde periods. In particular, the Sun Signs of Gemini and Virgo are more vulnerable to miscommunications and misunderstandings and they tend…
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Relationships – Attraction & Longevity

Relationships have their own rhythm, their own karma and we learn lessons from those people that we attract into our lives. Unfortunately, I see so many people who seem desperate to be involved in relationships that they jump in straight away…