Saturn retrograded over the weekend.
Perhaps you are feeling like you need to go over your responsibilities and where your responsibilities lie.
It is time to review, reflect and reconsider all things Saturn-related.
Saturn represents discipline and limitation that helps us accept the realities of living in a material world. As we consider situations of development it may confine and restrict. Where Saturn resides in our chart this can become an indicator of limitation. Here we can feel lack, hardship, and restriction. It can be the part of life where we say “I can’t” or there feels like we have a block. It also describes the area of life that will improve with old age. It is through Saturn’s endurance we find the strength to manage through life’s problems. Saturn is representative of parents or mentors in our life. It describes where we can become wise. It is our own inner authority and is like the policeman in our Chart who watches over us. Saturn will deliver us situations where we must rely on our own sense of responsibility. Saturn calls on us to establish our own patterns with maturity. We eventually need to learn to be our own boss. Saturn is the man; he is the keeper of time. As the work is done, he will deliver the rewards. He is a traditionalist who is big on commitment. If we face his challenges without avoidance, then we are rewarded the freedom we may fear was lost. With true hard work and sustained effort as we mature real success can be achieved. Saturn is the reality train we ride as we learn to face, keep on track and deal with our life. The planet also represents and has something to say about our grandfather or elders in our lives.
So, depending on where Saturn is positioned natally and transiting for you personally, reconsider this for the next 141 days!

Christina Stargazer
reprinted with permission