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FAASA 50 Years Young

FAASA 50 Years Young this Year

Well, it’s our 50th birthday this year, so of course, we had the gold balloons for our AGM!  It was a standard AGM, with President’s and Treasurer’s reports and committee elections.  We now have a full 8-person committee – click here to see the committee photos.

Reflecting back on 2020, it was a crazy year, with so many Covid restrictions but so many opportunities.  We had no live meetings between February and September.  It took some of us a while, but gradually we discovered Zoom, and the opportunities to be part of the global astrological community as classes, lectures and whole conferences went online.  We were invited into the lives of astrologers who zoomed from their living rooms, and we met their dogs and cats.  We participated in lectures by well-known and not-so-well-known experts from afar, and from our own country as well.  Suddenly we were able to attend meetings in WA, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, and so the FAA Australia wide had the opportunity to get together.  We invited Australia to a few Zoom meetings of our own.

We were the first state to resume live meetings, and we became experts in wiping down chairs, door handles and light switches, in recording names and addresses and in sanitising our hands.  We can’t wait till we can use the kitchen and have a cup of tea at break time!

Yesterday we looked back over our 50 years of promoting astrology and gathering astrologers together.  We honour two of our FAASA members, Stephanie Johnson and Graham Dawson,  who developed Solar Fire and changed the lives of astrologers worldwide.  We reflected on the good times and the bad, but ultimately we are still together, still full of energy and looking forward to some exciting stuff in the future.  Watch this space!

We examined the FAASA Inauguration Chart from 1971, which you can see on our history page, and looks at its transits over the past years, but we didn’t have the additional Incorporation Chart from 1994.  This has now come to hand (thank you, Anne and Alice)

Appropriately, it has the Uranus/Neptune conjunction right at the top of the chart, but it also has a mighty stellium in Scorpio which will be receiving transits from Saturn and Uranus for quite some time.  Pluto is squaring the Ascendant / Descendant axis and will be conjunct the MC from the end of this year.  Definitely, a time to be making changes!!

It is wonderful to be back having live meetings again, and so interesting to hear anecdotes about times past from our long-term members.  But of course, we need new members as well, to keep the blood oxygenated.  Anyone who is interested in astrology can join us, and we’d love to see you.  We’re planning some really interesting talks, and a couple of Zoom lectures as well.  To develop your interest, nothing beats listening to experienced people, and chatting to others who share the same interest, and the same language – astrology!