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FAASA Monthly Presentations Archive

FAASA Meetings 2016

Date Venue Presenter Topic
6 Feb   TS   Alice Portman, Mari Garcia, Jill Amery  

2016: What Lies Ahead? Predictions for the coming year

19 Mar   TS   Mari Garcia   The Fourth House - Father, Family and Fortune
9 Apr   TS   Cate Whelan   Surviving Childhood
7 May   TS   Olga Morales   Timing your Success
4 Jun     TS   Kris Svendsen, Moderator   Horary Chartfest
2 Jul   TS   Anne Fryer and Elaine Kane   What Happened to Marilyn?
6 Aug   TS   Eve Dembowski   Workshop: The Outer Planets
3 Sep   TS   Kris Svendsen   The Stars in your Cards - Astrology and Tarot
8 Oct   TS   FAASA AGM    
        Miriam Laister   Things I didn't learn from books
5 Nov   TS   Vivien Lowe, Victoria Powell, Joy Usher, Cate Whelan   One Chart 4 Ways
26 Nov   TS   Christmas Party    


FAASA Meetings 2015

Date Venue Presenter Topic
7 Feb   TS   Alice Portman, Mari Garcia, Cate Whelan  

What’s the Scene in 2015?

21 - 22 Feb   TS   Melanie Reinhart  

DAY ONE: THE FOUR ANGLES ~ The Cross of Incarnation
DAY TWO: THE NODES ~ Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail

11 Apr   TS   Jill Amery   The Power and the Glory: The mighty Quindecile
2 May   TS   Mari Garcia, Cate Whelan, Vivien Lowe   One Chart: 3 Interpretations
30 May     TS   Anne-Elisabeth   Traditional Prediction: Important Days
4 Jul   TS   Joy Usher   Why Does Timing Matter?
1 Aug   TS   Bev Malin   Listening to your Intuition
6 Sep   TS   Tess Cullen   Full Day Workshop: The Power of Progressions - A Journey of Discovery
10 Oct   TS   FAASA AGM    
        Alice Portman   We Live in Interesting Times
7 Nov   TS   Kris Svendsen   Does He/She Really Love Me? - A horary investigation
28 Nov   TS   Christmas Party    


FAASA Meetings 2014

Date Venue Presenter Topic
1 Feb   TS   Jill Amery, Mari Garcia, Alice Portman  

2014: What Lies Ahead?

15 Mar   TS  

Cate Whelan


Joined Together: Composite charts (Short talk)

        Anne Hamilton   Relationships - How do I know he/she is the right one? (Main talk)
5 Apr   TS  

Kris Svendsen


Combustion (Short talk)

        Anne Fryer   Famous Weddings (Main talk)
3 May   TS   Sara Gilbert   Special Patterns in the Sky
7 Jun    TS  

Allied Arts


A look at other esoteric disciplines

        Kris Svendsen   Numerology
        Anne Hamilton   Australian Bush Flower Remedies
        Ann Collins   Tasseomancy
5 Jul   TS   Mari Garcia   Tempest and Tribulation: Australia and the Uranus-Pluto cycle
2 Aug   TS   Cate Whelan   Life after Fifty
6 Sep   TS   Martha Adams   Tarot and Astrology
11 Oct   TS   FAASA AGM    
        Vivien Lowe   Planetary cycles and the nuclear industry
1 Nov   TS   Joy Usher   The Hidden Language of Antiscia
6 Dec   TS  

Christmas Party



FAASA Meetings 2013

Date Venue Presenter Topic
3 Feb   TS   Various (see below)  

Mini-Conference: A Feast of Astrological Ideas

        Peter Burns   Traditional Astrology: Planetary Hours
        Alison Feiner   Financial Astrology: Market Analysis
        Jeanette Lewis-Hill   Horary Astrology
        Patricia Shepherd   The Semi-Square: Dividing The Circle By Eight
        Tess Cullen   Hygeia And Chiron: The Healers In The Chart
        Jeanni Monks   Uranus and its Bohemian Nature
        Glorija Lawrence   A Tale of Two Horoscopes
9 Mar   TS  

Adrienne Barkla

  What Esoteric Astrology is really about
6 Apr   TS  

Cate Whelan


The Times of Your Life

4 May   TS  

Mari Garcia

  Saturn as Father: A Journey
1 Jun    TS  

Vivien Lowe

  Sedna and Our Evolving Solar System
6 Jul   TS  

Alice Portman

  Genetic Astrology - Who do you think you come from?
3 Aug   TS   Kris Svendsen   Hideous and Kinky Revisited - An examination of the Nodes in the natal chart
7 Sep   TS  

Discussion format


Election Day! An astrological look at the election

5 Oct   TS   FAASA AGM    
        Guest Speaker   Quiz Afternoon
2 Nov   TS   Ann Collins, Renate Schell, Helen Hartley   Speculative Attraction:
Financial Patterns, 2013/2014
30 Nov   TS       Christmas Party


FAASA Meetings 2012

Date Venue Presenter Topic
4 Feb   TS   Mari Garcia, Cate Whelan
  2012: What's in Store
        Anne Fryer   Report on conference
3 Mar   TS   Kevin Rilett   The Royal Family
31 Mar   TS   Christina Thomas   Workshop -Coming Full Circle
5 May   TS   Alice Portman   The Vertex Axis - Doorway to Other Realities
2 Jun    TS   Edward Kadecka   The 60 different Faces of the Zodiac
7 Jul   TS   Ulrike Mignone   Defining and Refining your Astrological Self
28 - 29 Aug   TS   Steven Forrest   Workshop (Mercurial Connections)
1 Sep   TS   Stephanie Johnson   Midpoints
6 Oct   TS   FAASA AGM    
        Cherrie Barron   Eris
3 Nov   TS   Joy Usher   Astrology and the Trials of Gilgamesh


FAASA Meetings 2011

Date Venue Presenter Topic
5 Feb   TS   Alice Portman, Malvin Artley, Jill Amery   What's in Store for 2011?
5 Mar   TS   Anne Elizabeth   2011 for the 12 Zodiac Signs
26 Mar   TS   Kira Sutherland   WORKSHOP (10am - 4.30pm) Health and Wellbeing
7 May   TS   Alice Portman   Age Harmonics
4 Jun    TS   Anne Fryer   Astrocartography
2 Jul   TS   Stephanie Johnson   Relationships - Composites and Synastry Charts
6 Aug   TS   Mari Garcia   Combust and Cazimi
3 Sep   TS   Brian Clark   WORKSHOP (10am - 4.30pm) Dynamic Solar Returns
1 Oct   TS   FAASA AGM    
        Adrienne Barkla   Saturn, the Lord of Time from an Esoteric Perspective
5 Nov   TS   Ann Collins   Triplicities; or when “three” isn't a crowd!


FAASA Meetings 2010

Date Venue Presenter Topic
6 Feb   TS   Mari Garcia, Cate Whelan, Alice Portman, Malvin Artley   What's In Store For 2010?
6 Mar   TS   Vivien Lowe   Geodetic Astrology
3 Apr   TS   No meeting   Easter Saturday ... no meeting this month
1 May   TS   Roderick Kidston   WORKSHOP(10am - 4.30pm): Auxiliary Angles
5 Jun   TS   Joy Usher   Under a June Moon
3 Jul   TS   Jill Amery   Solar Arcs and Timing
7 Aug   TS   Cate Whelan   Family Connections and Crisis Points - an update, plus a video on Neptune and an interactive session around Neptune
4 Sep   TS   Anne Fryer   Vocational Astrology (careers/vocation)
2 Oct   TS   FAASA AGM     
        Kris Svendsen   Numerology and the Planets
6 Nov   TS   Zane B. Stein (USA)   WORKSHOP (10am - 4.30pm): Understanding and Personalizing Chiron


FAASA Meetings 2009

Date Venue Presenter Topic
7 Mar       Rosalind Martin & Carla Reed   Exploring Chiron
4 Apr       Jill Amery   Noel Tyl's Indispensable Keys to Analysis
2 May       Adrienne Barkla & Alice Portman   Exploring Relationship Dynamics in a Chart
6 Jun       Roderick Kidston   WORKSHOP: Why Asteroids Matter and Iris the Rainbow Messenger
4 Jul       Cate Whelan   Family Patterns
8 Aug       Ed Tamplin   WORKSHOP: Mastering Mundane Astrology
5 Sep       Michelle Norman   Medical Horary Charts
3 Oct       Renata Schnell   The Astrology of Mozart's Life
7 Nov       Joy Usher   The Days of the Week

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