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Wise Men from the East and Other Essays

Below you will find "Wise Men from the East and Other Essays" by Ralph William Holden. For your convenience the document is in PDF format and has been separated into individual essays.

00 Cover, Introduction and TOC

01 Wise Men from the East

02 The Nine Objections to Astrology

03 A Lady in Tasmania

04 Jews, Jesus, and Astrologers

05 Is it True?

06 Pathway Through the Desert

07 The Four Pillars of Wisdom

08 Counsels Secret to Us

If you prefer you can download all of the essays as a single PDF document below. Please note this is a large file and download on a slow Internet connection may take a little time.

Eight Investigations On Astrological Themes
By Ralph William Holden B.Tech., B.D., Th.L., D.F.Astrol.S.

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