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Members of the Federation of Australian Astrologers SA

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Jill Amery   Jill Amery (Noel Tyl's Masters Certificate)
Natal horoscope potential, relationships and family, forecasting, birth chart rectification

Phone: 08 8332 6861
Mobile: 0414 713 992
Email: jillamery@iprimus.com.au

Anne-Elisabeth   Anne-Elisabeth (FAA Advanced Diploma)
Mystic Astrologer, Tarot Reader & Numerologist for 31 years.|
Personal Consultations by personal visit, phone, Skype, email or mail. Classes in Astrology and Tarot.

Phone: 08 8342 2884   
Email: wisdoms@anne-elisabeth.com.au

Suzanne Pfitzner   Suzanne Pfitzner (AGE Int. Dip.)
Birth Charts, Predictive, Solar Returns, Relationships, Children, Family.

Mobile: 0413 011 244  

Alice Portman   Alice Portman - Astrologer (PMFAA)
Tropical Astrology, Vedic Astrology and Chinese Astrology

Web: www.aliceportman.com

Cate Whelan   Cate Whelan ( BA, Dip FAA )
Personal consultations, Astrology tuition, Elections (choosing a time to get married, start a business etc.) Aldinga Beach

Phone: 08 8557 7417   
Mobile: 0407 184 474  
Email: cate@comstech.com


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